The University of Akron to name student employee of the year

Written by: David Sickels

The University of Akron student employee of the year and student supervisor of the year will be announced Friday as a part of National Student Employment Week.

The event, now in its second year, will be held in the Honors Complex common room.  Only those nominated for an award are eligible to attend.

This year is the first that students have been given the opportunity to nominate supervisors. Overall, student supervisors received 128 nominations, according to Anna Bahvala, The University of Akron’s assistant director of student employment.

Both student employees and student supervisors are chosen by a committee on aspects such as merit, what type of role models they are and what skills they are capable of passing onto others, according to Bahvala.

“[Student employees] do so much for us, and this is just a time when we can recognize them,” Bahvala said. “Every single department is encouraged to do their own thing to recognize their student employees.”

“Our students are our front line, and they deserve recognition,” she said.

The University of Akron has employed 2,500 students this semester, around 500 of which come from a work study award, according to Bahvala.