Turn the page and discover Literary Guild

By: Katelyn Mertz

When in search of a fun and somewhat educational way to spend an evening, one may consider many options, such as, but not limited to, reading the ingredient list on a bag of Cheez-Its, sifting through junk mail, or even watching roommates do the same. Feel free to manipulate these scenarios appropriately. However, when exhausted of Cheez-Its and junk mail, one may also consider what the Literary Guild has to offer in terms of somewhat educational fun.

The Literary Guild is an undergraduate student organization with one subject at its center: math. Kidding – the answer is literature.

“The Guild offers great opportunities to talk about reading and writing in a friendly atmosphere,” said Dr. Hillary Nunn, associate professor and the group’s campus adviser. “It’s about fun, conversation, and often free food.” We were sold at “free food,” yet it also offers something more – acknowledgment on a resume.

I know what you’re thinking: “Literature? Writing? This sounds like another class. Why would I want to do that to myself?”

To Amanda Layman, secretary of the Literary Guild, the answer is obvious. Not only is her membership an excuse for her to read books she normally wouldn’t in a classroom, she says that the Literary Guild is an organization that, “understands the importance of expression through words, whether through poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction. There’s room for everything.”

While the focus of the Literary Guild appears to be solely literature, members of the organization ask that students not judge the book by its cover. In fact, much more than literature makes this group what it is. For instance, some of the events for this upcoming year include student-run writing workshops, author readings, book signings, writing festivals, film festivals and theater outings. They are even considering a weekend trip to Bowling Green State University for the annual Winter Wheat Festival.

“It entails much more than people realize,” said Layman.

The Literary Guild also works closely with another student group called The Upstart Crows, which  hosts open mic nights at bars and restaurants around Akron.

“Lit Guild allows students of all majors to band together over their love of art and literature,” said Layman.

Meeting times vary, though if you are interested in learning more about the organization, visit www.uakron.edu/orgsync and search for the group there.

“We are now fully accessible. In our new social media transformation, we now have a Facebook page, and Twitter and Gmail accounts,” said Vice President Will White.