Student Employee, Student Supervisor of the Year announced

Written by: Molly Gase

Drew Williams of the Department of Institutional Marketing was announced as the Student Employee of the Year on Friday.  The Student employee Supervisor of the Year is Karen Uber of Business Technology.

Of the 2,500 student employees working on The University of Akron’s campus, two were chosen this spring as the student employee and student supervisor of the year.  There were over 30 nominees this year.

Students were also given the chance this year to nominate their supervisors for awards. 128 nominations were received, with 118 supervisors nominated for an award.  Other awards were given out at the event as well, and are as followed:

The Student Employee Unique Contribution Award went to Sara Carnicom from the Center for the History of Psychology.

The Student Employee Reliability Award went to David Hoffman of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Student Employee Quality of Work and Initiative Award went to Sarah Kostelnik of the Career Center.

The Student Manger Supervisor Award went to Sam Smith, Student Manager of Operations, Department of Student Life.

The Student Employee Supervisor Award for serving as a Positive Role Model went to Paul Herold, Board of Trustees.

The Student Employee Supervisor Award for providing Meaningful Work Experience went to Jean Spangler, Workforce Development and Continuing Education.