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Ginny Gegick, hosted a course about careers in pension planning on Thursday, Dec. 2.

UA Alum gives students crash course in retirement actuating

By Zach Bush, Writer December 7, 2015

Ginny Gegick, a 2014 Akron graduate, hosted a course about having a career as a pension planner on Thursday, Dec. 2. Gegick graduated with both a B.S. in applied math and an M.B.A. She currently works...

Protect valuables with renter’s insurance

March 4, 2014

Prepared by Mary Jo Hudson, former director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, and updated by William J. Reynolds, an attorney in private practice in Cincinnati. Reprinted with the permission of the...

Protect your assets with renter's insurance

January 30, 2012

By: Pamela Kellman There are many things to consider upon moving away from home for the first time. For students beginning their independence , it is important to have a coverage plan in the case of damage...

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