UA Alum gives students crash course in retirement actuating


Kristina Aiad-Toss

Ginny Gegick, hosted a course about careers in pension planning on Thursday, Dec. 2.

By Zach Bush, Writer

Ginny Gegick, a 2014 Akron graduate, hosted a course about having a career as a pension planner on Thursday, Dec. 2.

Gegick graduated with both a B.S. in applied math and an M.B.A. She currently works for Aon Hewitt, one of the world’s largest providers of insurance and reinsurance brokerage, human resources, and outsourcing services.

Gegick spoke with 20 UA students who held the desire to one day follow her same footsteps and become employed in the same industry.

Gegick’s presentation, titled “Actuarial Overview and Career Opportunities,” showed visitors point­-for­-point what it would take to earn a job as a retirement actuary. A retirement actuary is someone who possesses strong mathematical and analytical skills and helps companies manage risk.

“We basically tell employers how much they should [spend on] fund[ing] their pension plan,” Gegick said.

Gegick told students they would eventually take three tests between the time they initially decided to go into pension planning and the time they held a position with a company like Aon Hewitt for some time.

Gegick advised finishing the first test, Exam­P, during the sophomore year in order to be able to add it to a resume before interviewing for an internship during the senior year.

For further information on a career as a retirement actuary, you can contact Ginny Gegick at [email protected]