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Akron Army ROTC Celebrates 101st Year with New Alumni Lecture Series

The Akron Army ROTC provides scholarships to students in the program no matter what their degree is.

By Megan Parker, Editor-in-Chief

October 8, 2019

To mark its 101st year on The University of Akron Campus, the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is launching a new alumni lecture series. This new series titled the “Army ROTC Legacy of Leadership Lecture Series” was created in cooperation with several alumni from the program as a way to ackno...

Women no longer banned in combat

Women no longer banned in combat

January 29, 2013

Katelyn Freil Thursday marked a big step for women in the military as the Pentagon lifted the ban on female service members in combat situations. The ban ended with the announcement from outgoing Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and sparked a debate between many as to whether or not women should be ...

AcapaROOza gathers for second annual concert

November 13, 2012

Written by: Forrest Dukes The University of Akron hosted an a capella concert to benefit soldiers on Sunday. The concert, held by The University of Akron in Leigh Hall, was the second annual AcapaROOza by Rhythm & Roos. In honor of Veterans Day, the audience at the door was asked to give donation...

Veterans seek therapist for campus

February 27, 2012

By: Christian Turner Veterans at The University of Akron are seeking a veteran therapist to be brought to campus. “Having one of our own around might help veterans open up about certain issues,” said Tunji de la Negro, an Army veteran and sophomore political science major. After the suicide of a...

The debate with drama queen

September 26, 2011

By: Russ Friend I looked at Jeff, wearing his pretty blue dress, and said, “Let me be blunt; I don't care if a gay couple holds hands, hugs or kisses in public. What does their lifestyle have to do with me? It's not going to offend me, nor as Americans should they have fewer civil rights than a str...