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‘Comedy of Errors’ shakes up UA

The cast of 'The Comedy of Errors' performs at UA's Sandefur Theatre on Thursday evening.

By Jaclyn Scarborough and Logan Lane

November 10, 2015

The University of Akron theatre department is currently performing Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” in the Sandefur Theatre at Guzzetta Hall. Opening night took place Nov. 5 and will continue until Nov. 14, with curtains rising at 7:30 p.m. each night. One of Shakespeare’s earliest plays, "The ...

Blood Wedding

Stage design for the play Bloodwedding

By Elizabeth Zumbach, Writer

March 2, 2015

“Blood Wedding’s” Spanish drama provides a theatrical experience for UA students to attend. The play premiered at the Sandefur Theater in Guzzetta Hall on Feb. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Originally written by the Spanish playwright, Federico Garcia Lorca, and translated into English by Harlem Renaissance...

Issues highlighted in Black History Month play

Director and cast members from the play, Or Does it Explode?

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor

February 18, 2015

In honor of Black History month, “...Or Does it Explode?” premiered at UA’s Daum Theater on Thursday, Feb. 12 for the Rethinking Race series. This play is based off of the Langston Hughes poem called “What happens to a dream deferred?” Told in segments, each part represents an important...

Dance institute presents another original production: ‘The Snow Maiden’

The cast of the Russian fairy tale

By Jenna Ramolt, Arts & Life Writer

February 9, 2015

UA’s Dance Institute presented an original production titled “The Snow Maiden” at EJ Thomas Hall last weekend. More than 90 performers took the stage, all varying in age from first-graders to university students. A few of Akron's own, Christine Howe and Michael Baker, performed alongside Snow...

Play takes a new perspective on the lives of Americans

Play takes a new perspective on the lives of Americans

By Zaina Salem

April 18, 2013

Zaina Salem How do white Americans deal with the struggles they are faced with? What happens when the unthinkable happens? “White People,” a play that was held at the None Too Fragile Theater, answered all of these questions and more. The strikingly real performance, directed by Sean Derry, takes a look i...

Upcoming acts at Tangier

March 19, 2013

Priscilla Spencer The Tangier Cabaret in Akron has been known as one of Ohio’s best showplaces for years, with diverse musical acts attracting attention from all walks of life. Located in Akron, and with acts like Tina Turner, Chubby Checker and James Brown all hitting the stage in past years, it i...

Ladies relive women’s strife in World War II

Ladies relive women’s strife in World War II

March 19, 2013

Zaina Salem What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than to gather inside a historic house and sip delicious tea? The Hower House held a performance in the center hall dealing with the onset of World War II and how women were involved in the war effort. Directed by Frank Chaff, “In the Company of Extraordinary Women” is ...

‘Flea’ infests Sandefur Theatre

‘Flea’ infests Sandefur Theatre

February 28, 2013

Heather Beyer The University of Akron Theatre Program will premiere the French farce “A Flea in Her Ear” tonight at Sandefur Theatre in Guzzetta Hall. The production, directed by UA Adjunct Professor and Equity actress Aubrey Caldwell, will run from Feb. 28 - March 9. The following University of...

“The Emperor” conquers the Summit Artspace

“The Emperor” conquers the Summit Artspace

February 19, 2013

Zaina Salem A mix of University of Akron alumni and current students performed a historic play in celebration of Black History Month, hosted by the Summit Artspace.  “The Emperor Jones,” originally performed in the 1920s, is a culturally significant play by American dramatist Eugene O’Neill. I...