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American Legion Post 808

American Legion Post 808

By David Trujillo, Writer

November 19, 2015

Few will understand what it’s like writing their will at 19 years old. However, for the veterans who attend UA as students, it was or still is a part of their reality. Being surrounded by people who will probably not understand their experiences, feelings and outlooks can lead to a feeling of over...

Veterans hope to set national bar

By Katelyn Freil

April 9, 2013

Katelyn Freil When a veteran comes to The University of Akron, many of them hope to get class credits for skills they have gained while in the service. To do so, the application for credit must go through many different people: Starting with the admissions at the university, to the dean of the coll...

UA now SVA member

March 5, 2013

Katelyn Freil The University of Akron has taken becoming veteran-friendly one step further. UA recently became the newest chapter of Student Veterans of America (SVA), a program that connects veteran college students around the country. “I believed that it would be beneficial and we are now the l...

Veterans seek support across Akron’s campus

Veterans seek support across Akron’s campus

February 21, 2013

Katelyn Freil When Victoria Barrientos came to The University of Akron from Fort Bragg, N.C., she had no previous experience with college life. “I only knew one person in the whole state, much less the college,” she said. “I had to figure out how to get my benefits going so I could continue t...

UA students and veterans unite to build Valor House

March 29, 2012

Written by: Christian Turner UA veterans and students are building hope for homeless veterans in Summit County with the Valor Home. According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, there are roughly 1.5 million veterans at risk of being homeless. The Valor Home is Summit County’s way t...

Veterans seek therapist for campus

February 27, 2012

By: Christian Turner Veterans at The University of Akron are seeking a veteran therapist to be brought to campus. “Having one of our own around might help veterans open up about certain issues,” said Tunji de la Negro, an Army veteran and sophomore political science major. After the suicide of a...

Greek Week benefits troops in the Middle-East

October 6, 2011

By: Ashley Faulisi Every year the UA Greeks participate in an event called Greek Week which not only creates a unity among the diverse chapters but helps raise money for a good cause. This year the money raised by the event went to the Adopt-a- Platoon efforts where the Greek community committed to ado...