Greek Week benefits troops in the Middle-East

By: Ashley Faulisi

Every year the UA Greeks participate in an event called Greek Week which not only creates a unity among the diverse chapters but helps raise money for a good cause. This year the money raised by the event went to the Adopt-a- Platoon efforts where the Greek community committed to adopting a platoon in Iraq or Afghanistan. The adopted platoon will receive care packages every month for a year from the items and money raised by the participating National Pan-Hellenic Council, Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Inter-fraternal Council chapters.

This year’s theme for event was called A Buried Treasure and each activity was surrounded around the whimsical Pirate theme. Each team had to create an inventive name that pertained to the theme along with creating a banner (pirate flag) and a treasure chest where the UA students were encouraged to get involved in the fun and make a donation.  All donations made that week went directly to the Adopt-a-Platoon fund.

Chapters participated in various activities throughout the week such as Fear the Kang-Arrrggh-Roo, a tailgating event where the Greeks gathered together to supported the UA ZIPS Football team and cheer them on to a victory. Blackbeard’s Battle of the Greeks the chapters version of the Greek Olympics where the teams competed in tug of war, dodge ball, a relay race, and billiards tournament. A pageant called Pirate Gods where the men and woman of each chapter competed in categories that included talent portion, formal wear, interview, and most creative pirate costume. The service day this year concentrated on contributing to the Akron area. The home town efforts by the chapters went directly to the streets of Akron around the campus. Each chapter did their part by helping clean and beautify the surrounding area of UA. The service day also collected items such as toiletries, clothing, and food for the adopted platoon. Members of the chapters also wrote encouraging letters to the troops in hopes of lifting their sprits and giving them the appreciation and support they deserve.

The event favorite of this year was the Ship Wreck Stroll off. This event was highly popular as the Student Union Grand Ballroom hit capacity from the participating teams and their supporters. This annual NPHC event required members of the PHC, IFC, and NPHC to come together as a team and create a unique routine to be judged by NPHC alumni members. Greek Life Student Assistant Becca Faessel stated “The stroll off by far was my favorite event. This gave the men and women of each chapter the opportunity to come together and create unity among the Greek community. It gave individuals the chance to learn about the NPHC culture and learn more about their philanthropy efforts.”

Greek Week came to end Friday by wrapping it up with Volley Ball and Cornhole tournament. The Greeks to come together and celebrated the end of Greek Week with a social event called A Successful Voyage. Throughout the week the chapters successfully earned over 300 dollars and collected dozens of goods and letters that will be sent monthly over to the adopted platoon.