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Main campus closes as weather worsens

The usually busy Student Union was barren on Monday afternoon.

By William Singer, News Editor

February 2, 2015

UA’s main campus closed Monday morning as it became apparent that worsening conditions would make campus and its surrounding areas unsafe. There was some confusion however, after UA decided to close its Lakewood and Medina campuses for the entire day Sunday evening. “I think they should have...

Akron campus named StormReady by NWS

Akron campus named StormReady by NWS

February 7, 2013

Katelyn Freil It is only the beginning of February and although the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, the cold weather may still be around for a while. University of Akron students can rest assured knowing that if a storm comes, whether it is rain or snow, that UA is prepared. The University of Akron was recently given the distinction of being ...

Recent weather not enough to close this campus

November 1, 2012

Written by: Katelyn Freil The storm weather around campus for the past few days has caused wind-swept hair, wet clothes and a disgruntled attitude for many students who had to walk to class in the rain and wind. This disgruntled attitude was also fueled by the fact that many students were hoping that...

Don’t worry, it’s just a little rain

November 1, 2012

Written by: Abigail Chaff When Kent State, Tri-C and all of the Akron Public Schools closed on Tuesday, and when many of the public schools preemptively canceled Wednesday classes as well, you have to wonder: Why is The University of Akron open? I know I was not the only one cursing the administrati...

Pumpkin spice NOT-te

October 4, 2012

Written by: Abigail Chaff Fall is quickly approaching and is bringing with it some favorite things. Everyone seems to have forgotten about the long wait through winter for the heat of summer. Summer is the best: the days spent lying by the pool, getting tan, not having classes... Then fall comes, and ...

Government incentives

March 27, 2012

Written by: Misty Loop The past couple of weeks we’ve been having abnormally warm weather.  I’m not exactly sure what the causes of this could be, perhaps it is just an exceptionally warm year or perhaps it is global warming.  I’m not sure any of us really knows.  However, I feel that the ...

Heat flux on campus

March 26, 2012

Written by: Jackie Lallo Students were feeling the heat as temperatures rose last week. Many students were sporting shorts and t-shirts as they walked on campus, enjoying the sunny and warm weather.  Although the outdoors was beautiful, indoors was another story.  For those who spent most of thei...

Warning! You could get swept away

September 13, 2011

By: Lindsay Mulhollen The University will test their outdoor warning system Wednesday, September 14, at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Students do not need to take any precautionary actions when the alarm is tested; it is being tested to confirm that students, faculty and staff are familiar with the siren. “I...