Girl About Campus: Roommate blues

Written by: Helen Dauka

Breakups are hard, no matter what type of relationship you’re in. When your roommate breaks things off with you, it’s no different. In fact, it might be more awkward. Depending on when you split, you may still have to coexist.

I really put a lot of effort into our roommate relationship. We were randomly matched up, but things looked okay. I checked your Facebook and you seemed normal enough. Then, to my relief on move-in day, you were.

I didn’t need you to be my best friend. Let’s get that straight. I was a sophomore, you were a freshman. I was trying to do you a favor, because I knew people and you didn’t.

Things were going smoothly. We went to all those freshman-geared events. We even went to Casino Night and got all those pictures of us together. They were either going to be things we would look fondly back on years later, once we became established friends, or things I would look back on years later and laugh at, because I thought we might actually be friends.

I introduced you to all my friends. I invited you to the parties I was invited to. Things were going fine, so we decided to live together another year. Time progressed, and you made your own friends and got a boyfriend.

Suddenly, it was awkward every time I walked into our room. Something was up.

You told me you decided to room with a different girl next year. You didn’t know how to tell me, and you felt bad.

I didn’t want to room with you anyway. We were never going to be best friends; that was obvious. What makes me mad is that I spent so much time setting up our apartment situation.

I was the one who trekked downtown all those times to meet with the realtor. I was the one who set up a time to tour the rooms. I was the one who scoured the world to find us another roommate so we wouldn’t have to pay more for a two-bedroom apartment. I did all the research on how much it would actually cost.

Now, I’m going to end up rooming with the Craigslist Killer.

Yours truly, Girl About Campus.

P.S. I hope they don’t give you your security deposit back.