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Girl About Campus: a commuter’s life for me

Helen Dauka

The convenience of having a car on campus is undeniable, but I can’t always say the same for my class schedule. Sometimes I’ll be sprinting from class to class while other times I have hour-long breaks. While I would rather have the long break than the mini cardio workout, the long breaks can be just as challenging.

Do I have enough time to go back to my apartment? Or should I just stay on campus?

I usually try to stay on campus as much as possible. It saves me from spending more money on gas, it’s kind of greener, and it saves time.

Here are my tips for maximizing your productivity while stuck on campus.

1.) Bring an extension cord.

I hate it when I have everything I need to work on an assignment only to realize that my laptop battery has drained down to 6 percent. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a seat conveniently located next to an outlet. But often, there isn’t a table next to the outlet, you’d have to get uncomfortably close to a stranger, or you’ve already got your stuff spread out and moving closer to an outlet would be a hassle. Bringing an extension cord eliminates all that!

2.) Bring reusable drink/food containers.

This one will help you save money! Otherwise, you could end up spending a lot of cash on campus from buying food. Bringing a travel coffee mug has been one of my best decisions to date. If you need to buy coffee, Starbucks gives you a discount for using your own cup. Or, on the cheaper side, I always buy vending machine coffee and pour it into my mug. The cups you usually get don’t have a lid, which is one of my biggest annoyances in life.

3.) Work it out.

Pretty self explanatory. You have time, the gym is free. But think ahead if you don’t want to go to your class looking gross. If your hair has somewhat survived the workout, but is still borderline greasy, a thick headband could do the trick. Or take advantage of winter and rock a toboggan.

4.) Don’t overestimate your own productivity.

Sure, you have three hours between classes and you could totally get your whole project done; but don’t kid yourself. I know I don’t have the concentration to work on one thing for that long. But don’t beat yourself up about it, either. Plan to give your brain some leisure time. Watch videos, listen to music, play Sudoku… though those are things that might just be relaxing to me.

That’s generally how I make it through the day. Granted, I look like a pack mule because I’m carrying so much stuff with me, but I’m basically content with life. How do you survive the day?

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