The Roo Express: rolling out a new weekend route

By: Molly Gase

The Roo Express Shuttle bus has been a staple throughout campus, shepherding students from one end of campus to the other in an expedited way.  These buses are seen on a normal basis at locations such as the Student Union, Polymer circle, the drive between the J.A.R and the Rec and the Polsky building.

The shuttle buses have recently expanded their weekend route to encompass more of the surrounding area.  The University of Akron’s website,, states that, “The Roo Express Shuttle Service provides transportation to University buildings in the downtown area, neighborhoods near campus and the parking lots on the North side of campus.”

The web-site also states that during both the fall and spring semesters of this school year, the bus route will be extended to the downtown area on the weekends.  More information on the exact routes can be found on The University of Akron’s website.

The Roo Express is a free service; however, a valid Zip Card is needed before being able to board the bus.  If a student is not able to show a valid Zip Card when boarding the bus, he or she will be asked to leave and return once he or she has it in their possession.  The website states that this policy is to “promote safety, as well as convenience and efficiency, aboard the Roo Express.”

Through the webpage, common questions concerning the Roo Express are answered.  One such question that is addressed is how the funding for the shuttle bus is obtained.  The site explains that this is accomplished through a fee that is attached to tuition after a student has signed up for more than five credit hours.  Students who take less than the five credit hours are not responsible for the fee and are assumed to not frequently make use of the bus.

For the many commuter students who live near campus but outside of easy walking distance, the Roo has added 12 stops in the neighborhood south of campus.  The bus stops are clearly marked with vertical blue signs.  Students can obtain time schedules of all of the bus stops from the drivers when boarding a bus.

The buses are equipped with handicap capability so as to be assessable to all UA students.