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Roo Express Riders at UA Adjust to Fall 2019 Changes

Some students have been skeptical of the decision to switch the Roo Express from three shuttle routes to one loop.

By Kaitee Horstmann, Copy Editor

September 26, 2019

Students at The University of Akron are adjusting to the recent changes made to the Roo Express, a free shuttle around campus, and the route in which it operates. Since the Spring 2019 semester, Parking and Transportation Services at UA has combined the old three-route system around campus into the no...

Changes Made to Roo Express Shuttle Routes for Fall Semester

The Roo Express used to be comprised of three routes that have been combined to create the Campus Circulator route.

By Kaitee Horstmann, Copy Editor

September 8, 2019

Parking and Transportation Services at The University of Akron has changed the route of the Roo Express, a free shuttle for students on campus, from several routes to one circulatory route for the Fall 2019 semester. In past semesters, the Roo Express had three routes: the Polsky Express, East Route...

Travel Fast for Free

By Brooklyn Dennison, Editor-in-Chief

August 29, 2017

Students at The University of Akron can travel around Akron for free by using the Roo Express, the METRO Regional Transit Authority and a new bike share program. The Roo Express is a transportation service that can take students around campus and to neighborhoods near campus. The shuttle currently ...

Girl About Campus Riding the Roo: an existential crisis on campus

September 20, 2012

Written by: Helen Duaka I take the Roo from the Student Union to Polsky every Tuesday and Thursday. I have for a couple of years. I know that you take the Southwest Roo down to Polsky and the Northwest Roo up to the Student Union. If I ever find myself on the South or West Roo, each stop is a surpri...

Parking a hassle for most students

September 6, 2012

Written by: Nick Nussen Settling into the new semester without first settling into a parking spot is like buying a house without a driveway or finding someone else camped in your garage. Until their vehicles are nestled snugly between lines of white paint, students are as restless as the sputtering e...

Roo needs routes

February 15, 2012

By: Diana Perez Being a student that goes to the Public Library often, I feel like there should be a Roo Express that stops by more often. Yes, there is a Roo that stops by, but that’s only on Sundays and the Library is only open for about four hours. It doesn’t give you enough time. Students ...

The Roo Express: rolling out a new weekend route

September 1, 2011

By: Molly Gase The Roo Express Shuttle bus has been a staple throughout campus, shepherding students from one end of campus to the other in an expedited way.  These buses are seen on a normal basis at locations such as the Student Union, Polymer circle, the drive between the J.A.R and the Rec and ...