Roo needs routes

By: Diana Perez

Being a student that goes to the Public Library often, I feel like there should be a Roo Express that stops by more often.

Yes, there is a Roo that stops by, but that’s only on Sundays and the Library is only open for about four hours. It doesn’t give you enough time.

Students like to have time to use their computers, check out books and/or movies, study, and so on.

As a college student it’s hard to squeeze everything in a small time frame.

Yes, most of us have our own computers, but we need that change of scene, especially if you live on campus in a tiny dorm room.

Don’t get me wrong, I love walking! But sometimes, it just doesn’t feel safe enough to make a small distance, there and we constantly get emails on crimes that happen near campus.

So does it feel wrong to ask for a Roo Express to stop by the Library during weekdays?

During the weekdays, the Northwest Route stops by Quaker and you can walk from there to the library or you can ask the bus driver to drop you at the corner.

But just recently, an older man was coming onto me and this wasn’t the first time.

He wasn’t a student.

He kept calling me pretty women or pretty mamma and telling me I have a nice smile.

I just kept walking and he kept calling for me and trying to get my attention. I started walking faster because I didn’t feel comfortable.

No one should feel uncomfortable.

I, especially, wouldn’t want anyone to feel as uncomfortable as I felt when walking to the Main Library.

Even if the bus driver drops you at the corner, you have to walk back and deal with people trying to come onto you.

You never know what could happen.

So why not make the Northwest Route stop by the Main Library as well? The route heads to Polsky and adding one small spot wouldn’t seem to hurt.

It’s just one more block.