Zippy watch

Zippy watch

By Forrest Dukes, Sports Editor

The Capital One Mascot Challenge is in its third week and Zippy is still undefeated at 2-0.

UA has fully supported their top marsupial as Zippy has won pretty much unchallenged to both Wilma T. Wildcat from The University of Arizona in week 1 matchup and Big Red from the University of Arkansas in week 2. This week’s opponent is Joe Bruin (2-0) and already Zippy has a big lead over the University of California, Los Angeles’ mascot.

If you forgot or just need a reminder supporters of Zippy can vote daily at Also, new to this year’s competition fans and supporters can #CAPITALONEZIPPY with all video and pictures of them tailgating for the big game, at the big game, or just around campus showing off their school’s pride.

Continue to back the Zips at the home sporting events and lets keep Zippy undefeated in the challenge.

Next week, Zippy will be matched up against Boise State University’s mascot. Their mascot, Buster Bronco is 1-1 as of right now and is currently matched up against Big Red of The University of Arkansas.