Zippy buzzes in mascot challenge

Akron's favorite marsupial goes up against Georgia Tech before postseason.

Vote for Zippy in the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

Capital One

Vote for Zippy in the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

By Forrest Dukes, Sports Editor

In the final week of the Capital One Mascot Challenge Zippy lost to Buzz, the mascot from Georgia Tech and fell to her lowest seating in the tournament, 6th place.

The tournament has now moved on to the postseason and will be single elimination style. Zippy is facing Buzz again and will look to defeat him on her way to a second championship in the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

Here is what you can do to help Zippy win this week:

Go to and vote for Zippy up to 50 times a day.

Post on Facebook or Twitter, how you think Zippy will celebrate if she wins the tournament.

Upload videos or pictures of you cheering for Zippy to a crucial victory.

Use #CAPITALONEZIPPY  to ensure that Zippy gets your posts, pictures, and videos.

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