Research journal accepting submissions

By Spencer Skolnick, News Writer

UA’s IdeaWork is now accepting undergraduate student research articles to be a part of The Journal of Akron’s Undergraduate Research.


“Research-based articles in history are just as appropriate as research-based articles in chemical engineering,” said Thomas Bacher, director of The UA Press.


This publication allows students to gain experience dealing with the academic publishing process. This journal also acts as a way for students to work in the public sphere by publishing their research.
“Undergraduates do some very good research and the journal will showcase this,” Bacher said.

IdeaWork presents students with a chance to showcase their research by highlighting undergraduate students’ research projects and articles. Submissions can be sent by visiting This opportunity allows students to officially publish their research. The UA Libraries and The UA Press sponsor this journal.


Students in any field of study can apply to have their research in the journal—a wide range of research-based writing will be accepted.


It is required that students submitting journals have their work previously reviewed by a faculty member. Once the student submits their work, an editorial board of UA staff and faculty will also review the article. The board will then accept or reject the work, or ask students to revise and resubmit their research.


The articles that get accepted will then be available to view electronically, and a permanent URL is created for students to refer back to. This also makes the articles easily accessible through the use of search engines.