Students’ chance to critique union

By Spencer Skolnick, News Writer

An online survey allows students to comment on possible areas the Student Union can improve upon.


Students taking the survey are asked whether they like the dining options in the union and if the hours of operation are flexible enough for students with busy schedules. The assessment hopes to determine the aspects of the union that require attention and those that students are satisfied with already.


Anne Bruno, executive director of the Student Union, said the information collected from the survey will be shared with the employees of the union. Bruno will work with these people to improve areas of concern based on the survey results.


Bruno anticipates a change within the union after analyzing the results of the survey.


“We make decisions based on what future things we need to address,” Bruno said.


“It asked a large variety of questions that covered every aspect of dissatisfaction I have with the Union,” said Gabby Schramm, junior sociology major, after taking the survey. “I think if they listen to the responses of the students and work to improve the union based on the results, this survey will help to improve the union in several different aspects.”


The survey is designed so that students can engage in overall plans to improve the union. Those interested in taking the survey can access the assessment by using a smartphone to scan Student Union posters that display the relevant QR code. The link to take the 15-minute survey can be found in the Feb. 13 UA Zipmail. Participants have the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.


The survey can be taken until Feb. 21. At the end of March, the results will be analyzed by Bruno so that she and others can work to meet the needs of the students.