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PC: ‘Politically Correct’ or ‘People Caring’?

By Jesse Harper,

December 5, 2016

Filed under Guest Viewpoints, Opinion

In today’s day and age, it seems that certain groups, specifically those associated with the political right, are quick to demonize individuals and organizations for being “PC,” or politically correct. It seems that within t...

Before signing the lease

By Riley McMahon,

November 14, 2016

Filed under Guest Viewpoints, Opinion

One of the best parts about going to college is living on your own. Many students spend their freshman year living in a dorm, experiencing all of the firsts as a college student. Then, as a sophomore, they begin looking for somethin...

Rare times with Trump

November 14, 2016

Filed under Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Having read the Nov. 3 “The choice is clear” editorial, I do hope readers visit These are rare times.  My personal introduction to the world stage came when I watched the murder of Israeli Olympians in 1972 on live TV...

Pins for safety

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

November 14, 2016

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Have you noticed people wearing single safety pins on their shirts? It sounds like some crazy fashion trend of the 80’s but it’s actually a powerful signal to those around you that you love and support people of all backg...

I Need Planned Parenthood

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

October 26, 2016

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I’m pro-choice and I’m in control of my body. I first went to Planned Parenthood over two years ago for medical reasons. After prolonged pelvic pain, which at the time I thought was being caused by ovarian cysts, I final...

It’s Not Too Bad Being Basic

By Kaylee Budd,

October 19, 2016

Filed under Opinion

It’s fall time and there is proof of it all over campus: changing leaves, flannels in sight, riding boots, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes in hand. There has been a term associated with these seasonal trends and that is BASIC. We al...

THE REEL: Film Reviews (10-18-16)

By Kelcie Erbse “The Film Addict”,

October 17, 2016

Filed under Opinion, Reviews

Film: Girl on the Train Moviegoers are flocking over Paula Hawkins’ widely successful novel “The Girl on the Train” reaching the box office this month, but not in a positive way. The ending is confusing, and some peopl...

Cover to Cover: Friendship subverts suffering in Hanya Yanagihara’s ‘A Little Life’

By Logan Lane, Managing Editor

October 10, 2016

Filed under Opinion, Reviews

Hanya Yanagihara’s newest novel, “A Little Life,” puts four recent college graduates in the heart of New York City. These young men, all of whom met at the same university, strike out into the city to begin their lives a...

The Slow, Painful Death of Decency in Politics

By David Trujillo,

October 5, 2016

Filed under Guest Viewpoints, Opinion

In 1992, George H. W. Bush got hammered by the news media and general public for checking his watch while at one of the Presidential debates. Acting like he wanted the event to be over was considered rude, and unbecoming. Fast-f...

Why UA’s Starbucks aren’t worth your buck

By Jesse Harper,

October 5, 2016

Filed under Guest Viewpoints, Opinion

The Starbucks that litter The University of Akron’s campus are, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most unorganized, ill-managed, and poorly-functioning Starbucks that I have ever seen. The beverage quality is appalling, with the ...

A reply to a response

By Grant Morgan, Editor-In-Chief

October 5, 2016

Filed under Editorials, Opinion

A week ago I wrote an editorial about how the familiar Christian proselytizers who come onto campus each semester play an important role in making students reflect on their assumptions about life, and how frustration students ...

A Republican presidency would be a disaster for religious tolerance

By Nick Golina,

October 3, 2016

Filed under Guest Viewpoints, Opinion

The current Republican platform claims that education includes the importance of “the handing over of a cultural identity.” Such a cultural identity within the republican psyche includes an evangelical conception of Christianit...

Why Akron is a little weird

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

September 21, 2016

Filed under Opinion

I sincerely love Akron. I was born here and as much as I like living here, I have noticed some things that have struck me as a little weird. We still get nerdily excited when we see the Goodyear blimp, as if it isn’t a com...

Take my blood, I want a burrito

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

September 19, 2016

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I was sitting in class as my stomach let out an angry growl. It’d been hours since I’d had breakfast. Even though I still had a salad with fruits and vegetables in the second pouch of my backpack, I thought, “I should go give ...

Fourteen Things Every Freshman Needs to Hear

September 13, 2016

Filed under Opinion

  Do your homework & assignments. Hey guys, mom here. Not really, but one big thing a lot of freshmen don’t seem to understand is how important homework and assignments really are. Trust me: professors know if yo...

Less confidence than before

By Grant Morgan, Managing Editor

May 2, 2016

Filed under Campus News

The results of a survey released yesterday show that UA faculty have even less confidence in University leadership and direction than they did fall semester. “Approximately 9 out of every 10 faculty believe that the univ...

The coddling of the student mind

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

March 28, 2016

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A movement has risen among America’s universities to clean campuses of words, ideas, and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offense. In September 2015, Greg Lukianoff, president of The Foundation for Individual...

A voice to be heard

By Youngbin Jeong, Student Writer

March 16, 2016

Filed under Letters to the Editor

Many people, especially younger generations, are discouraged by politics and voting due to negative publicity and information from news and peers. Many students show an expression of discontent about politicians and achieveme...

Students need a microwave in Bierce Library

By Tyra Porter, Student Writer

March 16, 2016

Filed under Guest Viewpoints

Bierce Library offers a variety of resources for students. For instance, we have librarians to help students with research and a tutoring lab for math and writing. Students can rent laptops and movies. We have a place to eat ...

The all-white Oscar ballot

By Brooke Griffin, Student Writer

February 24, 2016

Filed under Guest Viewpoints

African-American actors and actresses have been snubbed year after year when it comes to the Oscars. This year was no different, when an all-white ballot was announced for the second year in a row. Actors including Will Smith...

Thoughts on Akron Press Club meeting

By Keirsten Heckel

November 18, 2015

Filed under Guest Viewpoints

As one of the four students that attended the Akron Press Club Luncheon on Wednesday, Nov. 18, I noticed something that I have not seen with President Scarborough before: he seemed more engaged with the audience and ready to ...

What Trump gets wrong about gun violence

By Paul Clifford

November 18, 2015

Filed under Guest Viewpoints

During a Student Government-organized Town Hall meeting on Nov. 16, students openly asked UA Vice President of Advancement Larry Burns, and the new Director of Athletics Lawrence Williams questions about several prevalent issues ...

Students’ chance to critique union

By Spencer Skolnick, News Writer

February 18, 2015

Filed under News

An online survey allows students to comment on possible areas the Student Union can improve upon.   Students taking the survey are asked whether they like the dining options in the union and if the hours of operation...

The threat of cyberattacks

By Dakota Phillips, Copy Editor

July 8, 2014

Filed under Opinion

The recently released video game Watch Dogs, a game about remote hacking, has brought the topic of cybersecurity back into public view. The game contains elements of potential hacking such as controlling street and traffic lights,...

A look at Occupy Wall Street

October 18, 2011

Filed under Opinion

By: Jasmine Pace A revolution has begun across the United States.  Occupy Wall Street is a peaceful fight against corporate greed and social inequality in the United States economic system, which affects everyone from college stu...