Students need a microwave in Bierce Library

By Tyra Porter, Student Writer

Bierce Library offers a variety of resources for students. For instance, we have librarians to help students with research and a tutoring lab for math and writing. Students can rent laptops and movies. We have a place to eat lunch in Einstein Bagels on the first floor

However, Bierce Library is missing one thing: a microwave for students.

The Student Union has a microwave, but all of my classes are centered around Bierce Library. I pack my lunch, so walking over to the Student Union just to heat up my food is an inconvenience for me. I like to eat my food and study in quiet at the library.

I have already looked at several spots for the location of this microwave, and it can go on the first floor. All we need is a table and microwave. I would donate both.

We have microwaves available in the Student Union, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the CBA building. So why doesn’t Bierce Library have a microwave for students?  Is it because students can’t be trusted?  

Maybe one day I will walk into the library and be surprised there is a microwave for us students.