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A voice to be heard

By Youngbin Jeong, Student Writer

Many people, especially younger generations, are discouraged by politics and voting due to negative publicity and information from news and peers. Many students show an expression of discontent about politicians and achievements by governments of any level because they believe politicians are not actually accomplishing anything nor implementing plans to fulfill their promises to the public. In addition to these negative views, many people believe their votes do not matter and do not make changes; however, that is not true. Much of the history of the United States was not created by politicians, but by ordinary people. At times like this, when the country and parties are extremely polarized and disunited, an individual should encourage and consolidate other people’s voices, not by using hatred and anger but by being compassionate and spreading hopes and dreams. If people genuinely want their voices to be heard, then people should go out and let their voices be heard by participating in a simple act of civic obligation – voting.


-Youngbin Jeong

Sophomore, Political Science

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