Pins for safety

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

Have you noticed people wearing single safety pins on their shirts? It sounds like some crazy fashion trend of the 80’s but it’s actually a powerful signal to those around you that you love and support people of all backgrounds.

As reported by many major news outlets, there has been an increase in hate crimes over the last week after Trump’s election. Thousands are protesting on city streets. But some are taking a less aggressive approach by fastening a safety pin to their shirts. The safety pins signal the person is “safe” and they love people of all races, religions, and sexual orientations. They are available if others need help. They will stand with minorities. They will protect those who need protected.

Various news sources say this trend started after the United Kingdom’s vote to withdraw from the European Union earlier this year. People began wearing the safety pins to convey the same message of solidarity to minorities living in the U.K. when there was an increase in hate crimes, according to police.

Selfies of people of all ages adopting the tiny silver pin as a sign of peace are all over social media right now using the hashtags #lovetrumpshate and #notmypresident.

What do you think? Is this too passive of a statement? Is it something that actually makes those who have been subject to harassment feel any safer?

At this point, I think anything that we can do to make our world feel safer needs to be done. Even if it is something as small as something you wear to show your support. Now is the time to take action, whether you choose to protest or wear a pin on your shirt.