Why Akron is a little weird

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

I sincerely love Akron. I was born here and as much as I like living here, I have noticed some things that have struck me as a little weird.

We still get nerdily excited when we see the Goodyear blimp, as if it isn’t a common sight in Akron.

We call the strip of grass on the side of the road a “devil strip.” Try explaining that to someone who isn’t from Akron. It’s much more difficult than you’d think.

We obsess over a bowl of mozzarella cheese and oily dressing from Luigi’s Italian Restaurant. After more than 65 years, our obsession is still going strong.

We have this giant blue sculpture that resembles rock candy, officially known as the “Chihuly Polymer Sculpture,” on The University of Akron’s campus outside of the Goodyear Polymer Center. I’ve heard people use this structure as a way to give directions. For example: “Yeah, that building is just south of the rock candy sculpture.” Weirdos.

There is a yearly festival dedicated to shoving our faces full of juicy hamburgers in downtown Akron, called the National Hamburger Festival. Stay classy, Akron.

We let complete strangers perform live music on our porches during Highland Square’s PorchRokr Festival. Does this strike anyone else as potentially dangerous?

Akron has a museum just for marbles. Don’t make that your answer when someone asks you why Akron is cool.

We like eating burgers at Swensons Drive-In in a parked car as our servers run to serve us in rain or shine. Doesn’t it seem rude to make someone rush to your car just so you can eat a burger smothered in barbecue and tartar sauce? I think it’s rude.

Where do those ancient stone steps by Glendale Cemetery actually go anyway? What purpose did they serve? This is a great mystery.

Cadillac Hill – ah, yes, because I love nothing more than ripping the bottom of my car apart on a steep brick road. It’s sure to test your car’s transmission and your bravery. My grandma used to take my sister and I down the hill to entertain us but I thought it was terrifying. It feels as though you are driving up into the sky. This is always a great activity to do if you have guests visiting from out of town. They’ll definitely not want to come back to Akron ever again.

Embrace your wonderful weirdness, Akron.