Student choreographed “Spring into Dance” performed


Elizabeth Zumbach

“Against the Wind” choreographed by Christine Howe.

By Elizabeth Zumbach, Arts & Life Writer

The Terpsichore Dance club presented “Spring into Dance” in the Paul A. Daum Theater in Kolbe Hall from April 2 through 4 at 7:30 p.m.

“Spring into Dance” showcased a wide range of dance styles, costumes, and musical choices.

The pieces varied from the Serbian inspired piece, “Exhibits: Pas de Deux” to “The Ox and the Lark,” which used a mash-up of numerous Daft Punk songs.

Choreographer Emilia Resanovic dedicated post-dance to her father, Nikola Resanovic, whose music, “The Ox and the Lark” was used in the piece “Instinct to Move.”

The pieces were choreographed, designed, and performed by students in the club. Graduate students in the dance, theater, and arts administration ran the show.

Maya Curtis, a first-year graduate student and “Spring Into Dance’s” house manager said, “they did a really good job and it’s always amazing to see student work. You like to see their perspective on things. I think they did a really amazing job working together, since the whole thing is student run, and seeing them take everything they’ve learned in the department and like make it come alive on stage.”

Christine Howe, a dancer in three pieces, said, “This is just a performance we put on so that students have the opportunity to choreograph, and it’s another performance opportunity for the students, and we just want to show what we’ve been working on, and it give students the opportunity to show their work and develop choreographic skills and production skills because we produced this show all the way on our own.” The three pieces Howe danced in were “Extracted,” “Against the Wind,” and “Flux,” the last of which she choreographed.

Ali LaBay, a sophomore  dance and education major here at Akron, danced in two of the pieces: “Exhibits: Pas de Deux” and “Extracted.” LaBay said she hopes the audience understands their passion for it.

“Once I got on that stage I was like ‘you know what? We’re doing this, it’s gonna happen.’ You forget everything else. You forget that you don’t feel good, you forget that this day is really long, and you just dance,” LaBay said. “We’ve all put so much work into it, you wanna make your choreographer proud and your teammates.”