Five tips to pocket for fall semester

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

Five tips to pocket for fall semester

After a few months of eating, sleeping and working that seasonal job, the third week of the fall semester is in session and with a vengeance. Whether it is your first semester of college or second to last, it will take some time to get into your semester routine. The routine that you may have had in high school will not be the same for college, especially when it comes to taking a heavier course load. Schedules will be different, sleep cycles will constantly change and more. Here are some ways students can jump back into the school routine for a smooth transition into the fall semester.

Print out a schedule

Being organized is a major step to getting back on track. By printing out your schedule and putting it somewhere you can often see it, you will be able to know when and where your class is. Not only can this calendar include your class schedule, but also your workout and extra curriculars. Be sure to have this schedule stored on your smartphone somewhere. You can even use a calendar or study app to set reminders so that you don’t forget that 3 p.m. class after a long lunch break.

Make it habitual to review syllabi

Reading your syllabus for each class is really important to consider before tests become routine. This will help you be more aware of what is going on without being lost when you get to class. You can make preparations for quizzes and projects based on the planned learning schedule and be better prepared for the semester.

Set alarms

After your summer routine and being home for several months, you might have forgotten how purposeful alarms can be. Setting alarms will help you wake up for those early morning classes, group exercises, or even remind you of evening study groups. Be sure to not only use an alarm to wake up but to help you effectively manage your time.

Go to sleep earlier

Sometimes the summer schedule of a part-time job being your only obligation can result in going to sleep at later times. This is one thing that college students tend to forget about, no matter what month it is. Having a good night’s rest before the next day of class(es) is very important to maintaining focus throughout the day.

Try to get ahead of your work

There’s no better feeling than to have already completed a reading assignment before the due date. Reading an assigned text or completing a homework assignment days in advance can prevent cramming and having to complete multiple assignments at once. It will also give you the time needed to better study for mid-terms and final exams. Because we all know how fast mid-terms sneak up on us during the fall semester.

With all of this being said, it may seem redundant to mention these five tips but you will be surprised as the semester moves forward how lenient we get with our habits. It is important to remind ourselves that the habits we create today will carry with us throughout our college years. So take time now, whether a freshman or senior, to make the most of it all and pocket these tips for future reference when the semester gets rough.