UA receives bomb threat

“A University of Akron dean received a bomb threat Wednesday morning, saying there was a bomb in the Auburn Science and Engineering Center. The threat- which came via e-mail and was discovered around 8 a.m.- said no one should attempt to touch it or move it, according to UA senior public relations representative Ken Torisky.”

The Auburn Science and Engineering Center closed Wednesday morning because of a bomb threat. It reopened at 1p.m.

The threat was sent via e-mail to an assistant dean of the College of Engineering. It was received at approximately 8 a.m. A special edition ZipMail was sent our shortly after, notifying students.

We are trying to trace the e-mail but that’s all under investigation, said University of Akron Police Chief Paul Callahan. Basically, they said there was a device in the building.

He explained they do not want to release too much information in case this incident is something bigger and connected to more universities.

According to Ken Torisky, senior public relations representative, the e-mail did say no one should attempt to touch or move the device.

The dean of the college of engineering, George Haritos, said he had not heard about it until his way in to work.

I was driving to work and I tried to call my office a little after 8 a.m. and my administrative assistant called me from his cell phone in the Student Union, said Haritos. By the time I was parked, it was 8:15 a.m. and the building was cordoned off and I went straight to the Student Union and found some of my colleagues.

The building was originally expected to reopen at noon however, this was delayed until approximately 1 p.m. Classes resumed at 4 p.m.

We had one in Simmons hall a couple years ago and we basically did the same thing, Callahan said. That was not an e-mail, it was a threat scribbled on a bathroom stall.

In both the Simmons Hall case and the Auburn Science Center Case Wednesday, the threats turned out to be false alarms.

” #1.1361886:1973793265.jpg:015_070829_online_ auburn_bombthreat_mp.jpg:University police have continued to search buildings with officers, maintenance and bomb-sniffing dogs since the first e-mail at Auburn Science and Engineering Center.:Mike Piero”