CBA International Day connects students

By Johanna Barnowski, Writer

To learn more about different cultures, the College of Business Administration (CBA) held its annual International Day on April 13.

Hosted by the CBA Graduate Cross Cultural Committee, International Day is an event where students from all different cultures can come together, connect, and learn about each other. Last Wednesday’s event featured students from 10 different countries.

The table for each country displayed many photos, maps, traditional clothes, famous landmarks, flags, music, jewelry, sports teams and traditional games. Many tables also offered traditional food that students were able to try.

Students were present from the countries of Egypt, Uzbekistan, Iran, India, Guinea, Haiti, Afghanistan, China, Botswana, and Italy. They wanted to use this opportunity to educate others about their culture and work to break stereotypes.

“I want people to learn that even if we are from the same country, we are all different,” Egyptian MBA student Nehad Elkhateb said. “This is a way for people to actually learn something about my country.”

Attendees crowded around the tables to try the traditional food and ask questions about the cultures.

Haitian MBA student Isaac said, “This is a great opportunity for people from all different places to come together, and it gives Americans opportunities to get to learn and ask questions.”

When participants weren’t sampling food or asking questions, many attendees were taking photos. They could enter their photos into a selfie contest and raffle using the hashtag #CBAInternationalDay on Instagram or Facebook.