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Aqua Teens burst into theaters

“This weekend, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters opens in limited release. You might not know much about Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but you should. It’s one of the funniest programs on television, even though each episode is only 15 minutes long.”

This weekend, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters opens in limited release.

You might not know much about Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but you should. It’s one of the funniest programs on television, even though each episode is only 15 minutes long.

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The movie centers around how the three Aqua Teens came together. The world’s existence is threatened by an immortal piece of exercise equipment, and it’s up to the Aqua Teens to stop it. During this, some of the show’s villains get in the way.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force started in 2000 on the Cartoon Network late-night block of programming, Adult Swim. Its three main characters are Frylock (a floating box of French fries), Master Shake (a giant milkshake) and Meatwad (a ball of meat).

It’s sort of like Three’s Company on acid, show creator Matt Maiellaro told recently.

Originally, the three Aqua Teens ran a detective service, but that plotline was quickly dropped with little explanation.

It was replaced by stand-alone episodes where little carries over from show to show. All the episodes involve the three Aqua Teens and usually their fat, balding neighbor Carl.

Circumstances, either self-caused or natural, often lead to at least one of the main characters getting killed, only to be inexplicably brought back by the next episode.

Numerous villains that don’t really cause harm often confront the group. Many of them are aliens or supernatural beings. The most recurring villains for the Aqua Teens are the Mooninites and Ignignokt and Err, a pair of two-dimensional troublemakers.

Just finishing its fourth season, the show has gained cult status. It takes inanity to a completely new level and is the polar opposite of intelligent.

Main character breakdowns

In Aqua Teen Hunger Force, there are four main characters: Frylock, Master Shake, Meatwad and their neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski. Each has its own distinguishable quibbles and quirks and are present in every episode.


The mature leader of the group, the goateed Frylock is a floating red box of french fries that act as arms. He can shoot electric bolts from his eyes to blow up a foe.

A computer whiz, the braces-wearing Frylock often comes up with incredible inventions that his roommates don’t appreciate.

Frylock also tries to keep the hope alive of being a detective, but again, his roommates could not care less.

Master Shake:

No character on the show has an attitude like Master Shake. Most of the plots on Aqua Teen revolve around Master Shake doing stupid things and dragging the rest of the main characters down with him.

When things go awry, which they inevitably always do, he blames his problems on other characters and throws objects around (which inexplicably explode).

Master Shake is generally irresponsible, and Frylock once claimed he learned responsibility in the most ass way possible.


A lovable rotting hunk of beef, Meatwad, who rolls around, is the group’s dumbest member. Meatwad has one tooth, doe eyes and a squeaky cat toy for a brain. The lack of a real brain leads Meatwad to be easily corrupted by the likes of space aliens and rap music.

He is often teased by Master Shake, which leads to a fierce love-hate rivalry.

Meatwad can also morph his body into different shapes. Unfortunately, he’s too stupid to make himself anything besides a hot dog, an igloo and occasionally Abraham Lincoln holding a samurai sword or a giant hand giving the finger.


The Aqua Teen’s neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski, is a balding loser who enjoys ’80s hair metal, pornography and the New York Giants. Carl is equipped with low self-esteem, crabs and the inability to attract anyone of the opposite sex, except for hookers.

He’s basically a walking stereotype of someone from New Jersey, all the way down to the gut, giant mustache and hideous sweatpants.

Carl is easily angered by the antics of his neighbor, but he still hangs out with them, even when they smash his precious ’80s sports car. Carl likely does this because he is lonely.

Essential episodes

Just about every episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is memorable, but these five stick out as the best. The first three seasons of the show are on DVD and they always re-air on Adult Swim for your pleasure.

Revenge of the Mooninites

This episode is the second appearance of the Mooninites, a couple of two-dimensional angry, swearing aliens. The Mooninites use Meatwad’s fair tickets to buy a belt, which gives the holder the power of Foreigner songs against someone else. When the Mooninites want Carl’s pornography, they make him Cold as Ice. By the episode’s end, Frylock has Double Vision, and Carl, back from being frozen, is afflicted with a case of Head Games.

There’s nothing normal about the episode, which is why it is so strange and funny.


When Master Shake digs a hole intended for flowers and falls in, he encounters a delicious, cursed sandwich. Whenever he takes a bite, he’s transported to a weird world and is killed by an ax-wielding freak. Whenever he gets killed, he’s transported back to his regular life. If he eats the entire sandwich, though, he’ll be gone for good. Unfortunately, he can’t deny its tastiness and is eventually tricked into eating it.

T-shirt of the Living Dead

Things featured in this episode: An enchanted Egyptian T-shirt, a swearing Santa Claus, several Easter bunnies and two giant Easter egg lizards smashing Carl’s house.

By the episode’s end, several of the bunnies are dead, Santa’s skin has been melted off and Master Shake is turned into a reindeer and gets molested by Blitzen.

With Santa out of commission, it’s up to Meatwad and Frylock to deliver gifts. Being an idiot, Meatwad accidentally gives out a wooden brain instead of a wooden train.

Party All the Time

This episode is a real bummer. While completing a time machine, Frylock gets melanoma. To cheer him up, Master Shake and Meatwad hire Andrew WK to come perform for him.

Still not enough, Master Shake attempts to blow up the sun for Frylock. The plan backfires and Shake is rocketed into space. Of course, all of this is forgotten by the next episode.


This episode starts with Carl winning a fast-food restaurant prize of getting his penis ripped off.

When he won’t give it up, he’s chased around by penis snatchers who are building a spaceship out of genitalia.

Most of what happens in the episode is unprintable, so check this and other episodes out for yourself on

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