Find Dory in Coleman Common


Preston Davis

This was the first time ZPN played a movie outside.

By Preston Davis, [email protected]

Nearly two hundred people gathered at the Coleman Common on Friday for an outdoor movie viewing, the first event of its kind.

The Zips Programming Network (ZPN) showed “Finding Dory” — the sequel to the much-beloved “Finding Nemo” — on a giant inflatable screen and passed out popcorn. The film started at 8 p.m.

The film details anthropomorphic fish as they search for Dory’s — a blue tang fish that appears in the first film — parents. Travelling across the Pacific Ocean, the group encounters many challenges and dangerous encounters, some of which are brought on by Dory’s short-term memory loss.

In modern Disney fashion, the movie features heartfelt moments of deep personal reflection and over-the-top silly mayhem that appeals to all audience ages. The crowd of adults, students, and children fostered a unique feeling of returning to one’s own childhood as colorful fish portraying various human analogs laughed, screamed, and cried on-screen.

Families, students, and community members brought blankets and camp chairs. Some sat right on the grass and stairs of the Coleman Common to watch the movie. For most it was a light-hearted, entertaining, and zero-cost way of spending a Friday evening.

Most families said it was a refreshing way to watch a movie outdoors, and enjoyed the free admission. EbaNee Bond took time away from studying in Bierce Library to enjoy the movie.

“It’s a good distraction that didn’t burn my whole night,” Bond said.

“Hopefully the attendance sends a signal to ZPN to keep showing outdoor movies,” said Joe Macisco, public health graduate student.