Danger to Title IX: Enough is Enough

Time for UA College Republicans to withdraw support for Trump

By Nick Golina, [email protected]

On behalf of the Aspiring Educators Program at The University of Akron, it is the position of our organization that, indeed, enough is enough.

There is no excuse for Trump’s recent comments that suggest that he is guilty of not just blatant misogyny, but sexual assault of women.

The implications of these facts are not only astoundingly concerning for the way that Trump treats women personally, but also concerning for the millions of women that are affected by our governmental policy on sexual assault.

And the Republican platform on the issue of Title IX and sexual assault is just as concerning.

Donald Trump would limit the ability of the federal government to promote sex-discrimination educational programs by abolishing the Department of Education, and would limit the authority of universities to take special action and conduct their own investigations in cases of sexual assault.

To elaborate on the latter part, if you are subject to a sexual assault and you are in the same class with your abuser, or participate in a team activity with this person, or are even involved in official governance organizations such as University Council, the Republican platform would confine actions on sexual assault to the court system, which would delay the ability of people who were subject to sexual assault to receive recourse on such a sensitive issue.

Not only will this constrain university activities, but the court system will not be able to fill the void, because according to a survey by Global News, only 1 in 5 of the women surveyed felt comfortable about reporting their sexual assault.

So, the question that must be asked is, if it takes a large movement on college campuses just to make women feel comfortable about basic reporting of their sexual assault, then how can we expect them to feel comfortable reporting their experience in a system that they might not be fully familiar with when compared to their college campus?

It makes no logical sense, and that is why Trump is a danger to women not just across America, but especially at UA. Our Undergraduate Student Government (USG) already condemned the Safe Campus Act, which was based on principles similar to the current Republican platform on sexual assault and Title IX.

I have a younger sister who is serving in our nation’s military and I would not be the man I am today without the experiences I had with her. This candidate and platform would put her in danger by institutionalizing a culture of inequity for women.

That is why the College Republicans at UA insult me personally for every microsecond that they continue to support a candidate that does not believe in the human worth of women in America.

The protection of our women is key to ensuring the social harmony that has always made America great economically, politically, culturally, and socially, which is why it is the position of our organization that the College Republicans withdraw their shameful support for this person who does meet the basic moral qualifications of being a real man.