College Democrats Engage UA Students in Politics through Several Events, Activities

As one of three political-based student organizations at UA, the College Democrats are one way students can get involved in Politics.


(Image via the College Democrats)

Several members of the College Democrats at the University had the opportunity to visit Iowa during the Iowa Caucus.

By Megan Parker, Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s Note: The Buchtelite previously provided coverage of the College Republicans organization at The University of Akron.

Students have the opportunity to get involved with politics on a local and national level while networking with real people through the College Democrats at The University of Akron (CDUA).

According to the
Democratic National Committee’s website, there are currently over 500 college chapters across the United States that are “dedicated to electing Democrats across the country using the power of the student voice.”

In addition to the other two political-based student organizations at UA, CDUA gives students a chance to engage with different campaigns and political issues through a variety of events each semester.

Senior Hannah Crawford, president of CDUA, believes this organization is great for students to become involved with because their meetings are about education and learning, as well as having fun.

“It’s a great organization because we honestly just have fun,” Crawford said. “We’ll bring in speakers so you can get connected to local politics, federal level and national.”

(Image via the College Democrats)
Students who need assistance registering to vote can contact one of the political-based student organizations on campus.

Along with their weekly meetings, CDUA gives students the chance to engage in politics through activities such as campaign canvassing and registering students to vote throughout the semester.

Junior Rachel Madigan, campaign coordinator for CDUA, said they were able to register 102 students prior to the Feb. 18 deadline for voting in the primaries.

“If you don’t vote, then your voice isn’t heard and you are taking yourself out of the equation completely,” Madigan said. “You matter and you have to make your voice heard.”

CDUA holds weekly meetings each Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in room 138 of the College of Arts and Sciences. All students are welcome to attend these meetings, but are asked to be respectful of all viewpoints discussed.

“We’re open to anybody to come as long as they’re not going to sit there and criticize everybody and bring a negative perspective,” Crawford said.” “We want somebody to say they disagree respectfully and just have an open conversation.”