English majors receive scholarships during spring 2023 awards season


Scott Kenimond

Scott Kenimond, scholarship winner takes a selfie during a class meeting outside.

By Emily Price, Editor-in-Chief

Each spring, the English Department offers a variety of awards for English majors in their undergraduate program (or, depending on the award, graduate program). Some scholarships include sending in a short story, poetry selections or essays from English or literature courses taken recently.

The winners of the 2023 English Department scholarship awards was posted on the English website and social media platforms. (Courtesy of the English Department)

Download the 2023 Award Winners Poster here.

The awards given this year included:
Jedediah Brownbread, Esq. Award
John T. Dukes Memorial Scholarship
Calista Cummings Award
Carl and Dorothy Bauer Scholarship
Sam Ella Dukes Memorial Poetry Prize
Lois Finley Memorial Scholarship
Donald A. and Laura Jane Keister Memorial Essay Prize in Literature
Dorris B. Harris Endowed Scholarship
Zora M. Ledinko Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Mary K. Kirtz Literary Essay Prize in International Literature
Kenneth J. Pakenham Scholarship
Mary Mostenic Award for Composition
Kenneth J. Pakenham Scholarship
Dr. John Samuel Phillipson, Jr. Scholarship
Literary Guild Excellence in Literary Criticism Prize
Frank Pixley Memorial Scholarship
Literary Guild Student Service Prize
Dr. Sally Slocum Endowed Scholarship
Cathryn C. Taliaferro Shakespeare Essay Prize
Marian H. Smith Short Story Prize
Mary A. and Joseph E. Snyder Scholarship. 

No matter the area of interest in English a plethora of scholarships are available. Every student can find an award where they have something to contribute for a chance of being selected.

Scott Kenimond, a recipient of the Dr. John Samuel Phillipson, Jr. Scholarship, Literary Guild Excellence in Literary Criticism Prize and Frank Pixley Memorial Scholarship expressed his gratitude for the awards and the people behind his achievements.

“This accomplishment is not only a testament to my passion for English, but also a reflection of the unwavering support and encouragement I’ve received from my mentors, peers, and loved ones,” Kenimond said.

For Kenimond, these awards not only showcase the support he’s received and his interest in studying English, but also his discipline and determination.

“Winning these three awards represents two years of hard work and dedication,” Kenimond said. “This achievement is a reminder that when we immerse ourselves in the power of language, we can truly make an impact and inspire others to do the same.”

To see what awards you can apply for in Spring 2024, visit the English Department Prizes and Scholarships page.