Campus involvment

By: Starr Davis

It is that time of the year when student organizations start bringing awareness for certain issues going on in the world to our University. We all walk past the tables that student organizations display in the Student Union, promoting involvement, and what do we do?  We walk right on by because we’re too busy listening to our music players.

As college students, we don’t do enough to support these organizations and programs. Fight Back Against Cancer Week is one such victim of our lack of involvement; we don’t participate on campus because we feel as if we’re already fighting for A’s, fighting for our social lives or fighting our own other personal battles.

It’s quite a job being a college student, and sometimes we lose focus of other things that don’t benefit us in some direct way. Fight Back Against Cancer Week is a very important week that doesn’t deserve to go unnoticed; however, it is the fourth week of the semester and everyone is still occupied on becoming familiar with their classes.

It is not that we do not care, it is just that the priorities of the students on this campus are set other places and not particularly in campus involvement. Fight Back Against Cancer Week is something that students on campus should be excited about, but the excitement of the semester in general is what seems to add to the lack of student involvement.