Twitter uniting students: @UofAprobs entertains by posting UA problems

By: Emily Schultz

Approximately 2,000 followers and growing, there has been another University of Akron Twitter account created, @UofAProbs.

This account, however, is not your average college representation.  This client utilizes its account in order to portray the “real life happenings” on this campus.

Although many students are reluctant to admit the several “unpleasant” events that occur on this campus, this anonymous user has no fear in revealing the truth behind what happens.  On this account, you can find quotes, statements and jokes about the places, the people and the awkward moments that take place daily around UA.

I think it is wildly interesting that this account, in a sense, has brought together the students of UA in a way that is outside of class and work.

People can relate to this account because they, too, have experienced the same things this person is tweeting.  From the unsettling number of Z-Alerts to the asinine fashion in which people carry themselves around this campus, this student leaves nothing to imagination.

As entertaining and humorous as this Twitter account can be, there has been quite the uproar as well, regarding certain tweets about the university.  A select number of students are claiming that this person is falsifying The University of Akron and creating a bad image for our campus.

This Twitter account has brought many laughs and smiles to the students’ faces given the fact that they can relate entirely. The sense of community that has derived from this single person is extraordinary in itself.  In less than 24 hours, @UofAProbs accumulated over 1,000 followers and it continues to increase by the minute.

This significant feeling of coming together that has grown from something that usually seems so miniscule has now set Akron apart from other Division I schools.  The fact that the students are becoming united from one person on a social media network is encouraging and unifying to us all.