Finding importance: something to believe in

By: Starr Davis

With the stress school gives us, outside pressures and things we battle within our personal lives, it would make sense for many of us to start looking for something to believe in to help us make it through this journey.

I’ve noticed that there are a large number of religious organizations on The University of Akron’s campus. I believe that everyone should take some time to find out what exactly what it is that he or she believes in.

Life is hard and there is no better time than now to start thinking about what it is we feel is beyond us. These organizations are here for students to take advantage of so we can face the day-to-day obstacles of being college students. Everyone has to believe in something, even if you simply choose to believe in yourself as a start. However, it’s important not to let these opportunities pass you by – the opportunities to meet people who believe in the same things you do.

Maybe your purpose for finding a belief can be that you want to learn something new. Become aware and discover what all is out there for you. Students lead all of the organizations. That’s the best part about it; these are your peers who are here for you to lean on, pray with, encourage and depend on.

I am a member of Lifetime Change Ministries on campus, and it has changed my life just like the name of the organization suggests. I was too busy trying to handle stress on my own the best way I knew how and it was not working. Then President Stephanie Lattimore stopped me and invited me to the meeting one night and I knew where I belonged ever since.