Do you have what it takes?

By: Amber Good

Are you the type of person who sits around waiting for positive academic-related opportunities to happen to you? If so, then those days for you are now over.

As a college student, applying for both academic programs and scholarships can be very intimidating, but it must be done.  I understand that in college, you are in that in-between stage of becoming a knowledgeable scholar of your degree of choice, yet are still “under-qualified” by those already in your chosen field of study. I also understand that you want to have fun outside of your academic obligations.

But guess what?  It is due to the academic as well as extracurricular programs that you are in and scholarships that you have acquired that you are able to win that upper hand against all of the competition.

It would be absolutely tragic if time flew by, and once in your senior year of college you came to the realization that you have no extracurricular activities to put onto your resume. Being a book worm is absolutely fine, but you must show that you are versatile and able to aggressively pursue what you want in life.

Go after that scholarship that you’ve seen in your email this whole week. Pursue that open position within your sorority, fraternity or academic program. Apply for acceptance into one of the several active honors societies here on campus, and when you do I am sure you will not regret it. Do not bite off more than you can chew, but simply challenge yourself.

Now that I am in my senior year of college, which by the way went by extremely fast, I am overly satisfied with all of the opportunities that I have taken. My resume is packed with credentials and my portfolio is thick. Life is only what you make it, and your college education is no different.