Stalkers stop stalking

Written by: Amber Good

Have you ever walked to your car after class and as you’re walking, this awkward feeling comes over you, the feeling which equates the point in the movie when the villain is approaching the weak and scared individual huddled in the corner afraid for his life?  You know, the character you’re yelling at through the television calling “stupid” and who knows what else?

Instead of the awkward feeling being the result of a vicious villain, it is the result of a bright red 2006 Chevy Malibu creeping up on you, the driver adamantly sitting straight up in his seat with both hands on the steering wheel just waiting for you to get into your car.

As you look, the driver smiles or slightly smirks; his eyes opening a little larger with the hopes that you won’t mischievously lead him in the wrong direction. You, on the other hand, are thinking in your head, “I mean seriously! Just go around again instead of basically stalking me to my car or at least park your car further back and wait on me!”

Oh, and don’t you dare take your time once you get to your car, because then his smile will too quickly turn into a whole slur of curse words.

Point is, if you’re one of those people who stalk others to their cars up to the very last second just so you can get their place, stop it!

If we’re all being honest with ourselves, we’ve played the role of both people in this scenario, but it’s wrong.  Not only is the action beyond creepy (to say the least) as well as absolutely annoying, it is also a borderline invasion of someone’s privacy.  Imagine me walking all the way up the ramp at the parking deck next to Simmons Hall and you slowly following me up it with numerous cars behind you. This is not a parade and I am not the leader.  Let’s just all make it a point not to do this anymore.

By chance, if someone does do this to you, just slowly turn around and say “I’m not leaving.”  Better yet, simply travel between a car or two to get to your own car and throw them off with direction.  I’m sure they’ll never stalk you personally again; at least not for a parking spot.