Terminal parenthood

Written by: Russ Friend

In this day of conservative fervor, we need to take a hard look at the effects that illegitimate pregnancies have on our families, our cities, our nation and our planet.

Health care costs are spiraling out of control with no end in sight. Citizens have never before taken on such a burden as the crushing costs currently bearing down on society’s shoulders. While this rightfully causes outrage across the nation, we are still very fortunate. Across the world, large swaths of citizens suffer and die in silence — the victims of starvation and malnutrition. That will be our future unless we take appropriate action.

The Earth is balanced on the edge of an ecological disaster of our own making. It is one of the consequences of overpopulation. In order to mitigate the impact of our irresponsibility, we must make a stand. It is of vital importance for the future of the human race that we consider indentured servitude and parental euthanasia as solutions to our overpopulation problem.

The biological fathers of unwed pregnancies and those who father more than two children should be forced into indentured servitude for a period of 19 years or accept the full responsibility of their careless actions and accept euthanasia. We need to maintain the delicate balance of life in an effort to preserve our resources and save our species.

This way, the balance of his life debt is paid for by forfeiting his own future for that of his offspring. It would be unfair to terminate the mother’s life, as that would kill two, or more, lives, and is therefore not an option.

Not to be completely heartless, but I would accept that the father’s future could be spared if the unborn child could be adopted within a month of birth. There are many families unable to have children and allowing a good Christian couple to raise a child would be a satisfactory ending for a majority of conservatives.

If a rapist impregnates his victim, he should be expunged from society via euthanasia, as he has forfeited his place in society. In cases where a pregnancy doesn’t result from this heinous crime, the perpetrator should be physically castrated, removing all of his sexual organs. It is best to minimize the potential impact that their genetic pollution may have on others.

In the case of twins or multiple unwanted pregnancies, the cause would be irrelevant, but the outcome would be the same: members of the father’s family would have to take on the responsibility of maintaining the balance of life in light of the biological father’s debt being greater than his means for repayment. This means their lives will be forfeit until the life-balance has been restored.

In such situations, once the father’s debt has been balanced out, if there are extra lives, then the father’s father will be the next to accept responsibility, followed by the impregnator’s brothers, before moving on the impregnator’s mother and finally sisters. In such situations, adoption is the best option.

In adhering to the call from the conservative voices, the sanctity of the unborn child’s rights must come before all others.