An outlook on finals week.

Written by: Jaclyn Wlosec

Four more weeks. One month. Approximately 20 some days of class.

Not bad, right?

But this is the time when the mind wanders into the beautiful outside world where your concerns include being tan enough for summer and if you have enough marshmallows for a bonfire. It’s also the time you “attempt” to do homework in the library but, alas, end up pinning cute summer outfits or recipes you want to try in your upcoming spare time.

For me, I end up writing for the Buchtelite to avoid writing up a lab. As I sit in Starbucks sipping on my passion iced tea, I begin counting down the days to when I can breathe again. I make little checkpoints along the way to keep my sanity.  They include due dates for labs or papers, or presentations. I tell myself once I get to those points I can reward myself. I then set out on writing lists upon lists, telling myself I must accomplish these things on these days.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Too bad I’m sitting here writing this article when according to my planner, I’m supposed to be writing up a lab, getting ahead in Humanities reading because of anticipated workload in other courses, as well as beginning to write down choreography for student teaching. Everyone avoids their work; aren’t we all just a bunch of procrastinators to some extent?

If you are anything like me, for every homework assignment you have a page open on your computer with Spotify as well as Facebook. Even worse is Netflix, where new addictions are always at our disposal. (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, while outdated, is my newest vice.)

In my mind, a little early rewarding here and there never hurt. So your paper takes you a little longer, no big deal. While I might plan and micro-manage every moment of my life, I think the biggest lesson I am learning in college is to sometimes sit back for a moment and enjoy the fresh air.

Sure, I’m supposed to be studying, but I need a chance to relax here and there or I’m going to have a panic attack! Besides, 50 percent of life is just showing up. Now, do not take this advice too seriously, because hard work does, in fact, pay off. Just lighten up and give into your little vices that make you happy every now and then.

We all need it in this final stretch, the last lap, as they say. So sip some tea, breathe, pin, Facebook stalk, but get your stuff together so summer is your prize!