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University students write “Get Well” cards for Akron Children’s Hospital patients and take a moment to relax with the therapy dogs.

Taking Care Week Offers Students, Faculty, Staff Ways to De-stress

By Megan Parker, News Contributor March 5, 2018

Hosted by the Counseling and Testing Center, this year’s Taking Care Week included several activities; such as informational workshops where students, faculty and staff learned ways to de-stress and...

Major change

Major change

By Celeste Houmard, Writer April 20, 2016

Many college students have wondered whether or not they chose the right major or minor. Students have to decide their major as teenagers, and sometimes it is hard to be sure that major was the right fit...

Love shouldnt hurt

Love shouldn’t hurt

By George Dunlap, Writer April 13, 2016

The University of Akron’s Counseling and Testing Center hosted a workshop called “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 12. This event was led by UA counselors...

Trailblazer: first gen students pave way

Trailblazer: first gen students pave way

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor April 4, 2016

When thinking of a first generation college student, most people don’t think of Hillary Clinton. When she first attended college she felt out of place and wanted to drop out. However, after volunteering...

UA student Harwin Der, spinning the wheel to win a prize from the Counseling Center table.

UA’s Taking Care Week

By George Dunlap, Writer February 29, 2016

During this time in the semester, students start to feel overworked, tired, and may lack in self-care. To help aid students over the mid-semester hump, The University of Akron’s Counseling and Testing...

Matt Altiere interacts with a student after the lecture.

Sleep for grades

By Elizabeth Zumbach, Arts & Life Writer March 18, 2015

The Counseling and Testing Center hosted a guest lecture by Matt Altiere, which focused on the benefits of healthy sleeping habits. Good Sleep and Academic Performance was presented on Tuesday, March 17...

On-campus workshops aid in student success

By William SInger, News Editor September 18, 2014

  The University of Akron Counseling Center The Counseling and Testing Center is offering several workshops this week to help students deal with the challenges that comes with college life. The...

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