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Major change

Major change

By Celeste Houmard, Writer

April 20, 2016

Many college students have wondered whether or not they chose the right major or minor. Students have to decide their major as teenagers, and sometimes it is hard to be sure that major was the right fit for them. UA’s Counseling and Testing Center provided a workshop called “Not What I Wanted:...

Love shouldn’t hurt

Love shouldn't hurt

By George Dunlap, Writer

April 13, 2016

The University of Akron’s Counseling and Testing Center hosted a workshop called “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 12. This event was led by UA counselors Eric Hayden and Rebecca Crain. The workshop focused primarily on the risks of abuse in relationships,...

On-campus workshops aid in student success

By William SInger, News Editor

September 18, 2014

  The University of Akron Counseling Center The Counseling and Testing Center is offering several workshops this week to help students deal with the challenges that comes with college life. The workshops cover a wide range of topics including Test Anxiety, Becoming a Gender and Sexual M...

Counseling Center: helping students cope with troubles as the school year comes to a close

March 22, 2012

Written by: Natalee Langton Research suggests that more than 50 percent of students experience depressive symptoms shortly after beginning college, according to Dr. Eva M. Thury of Drexel University. During stressful times at school, many students do not realize that The University of Akron offers ...