The Buchtelite

Social media abuse

By Keirsten Heckel, Student Writer

October 28, 2015

Social media has become somewhat of an epidemic in the last few years, as its presence has grown significantly. From the very beginning, social media has been a great channel for individuals to get in contact with nearly anyone they wanted, whether it was with family or friends or even companies that ...

Social media: another window to climb into

By Zaina Salem, Managing Editor

March 5, 2015

Social media use is growing every day, and with it comes a new tool for potential burglars. Around 78 percent of former burglars use Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to find empty houses, according to a study from Credit Sesame in the United Kingdom. These social media sites allow users to share...

Girl About Campus: A time before Facebook!?

By Helen Dauka

April 4, 2013

Helen Dauka Being a Public Relations major, classroom discussions occasionally fall to social media. Although, I’m sure in this day and age most young professionals have conversations about social media. Someone will say that Facebook used to only be for colleges and universities. Then I think to ...

Girl About Campus: Go ahead, stalk me

March 6, 2013

Helen Dauka Much has been said about Facebook stalking. It’s a guilty pleasure for some, a ritual for others. A girl can say to another girl that they were creeping on her pictures and it can be a totally fine thing, almost like a bonding experience. Because there’s a good chance the other girl d...

Pumpkin spice NOT-te

October 4, 2012

Written by: Abigail Chaff Fall is quickly approaching and is bringing with it some favorite things. Everyone seems to have forgotten about the long wait through winter for the heat of summer. Summer is the best: the days spent lying by the pool, getting tan, not having classes... Then fall comes, and ...

Respectfully disagree

April 5, 2012

Written by: David Sickels It seems to me that this super social networking world where everyone is everyone else’s friend (whether they’ve met or not) can be a really great thing. After all, as any entrepreneur knows, successful marketing leads to a successful business, and Facebook or Twitter can b...

What a Facebook frenzy

October 3, 2011

By: Zack West If anyone was on Facebook the weekend of Sept. 25, he or she might have seen a status being posted about Facebook charging for their services after midnight on Monday morning. If a person posted a status on his profile before midnight, he would wake up the next morning with free Facebo...