Girl About Campus: A time before Facebook!?

By Helen Dauka

Helen Dauka

Being a Public Relations major, classroom discussions occasionally fall to social media. Although, I’m sure in this day and age most young professionals have conversations about social media.

Someone will say that Facebook used to only be for colleges and universities. Then I think to myself, “Oh yeah, I remember that.”


I don’t remember this. I remember people telling me about this. I was a child of the dial-up era.

Until I was a junior in high school, I suffered through that terrible screeching noise the computer made while it was connecting to the World Wide Web.

My internet was terribly slow, which meant I was also terribly slow when it came to catching on to trends.

It’s hard to believe I assimilated to modern culture!

I was busy scaling my “Top 16” down to a “Top 8” on Myspace when someone told me to join Facebook.

There was never a time in my young life when I thought, “I can’t wait to go to college so I can get a Facebook account!” I was happily oblivious.

All I noticed was that people were leaving MySpace and in their place were annoying games and apps.

All that was left was a bad reputation for being a MySpace user and my annoyance at not being able to create a cute background for my profile.

But God, do I love looking at my MySpace! It’s a time capsule rife with nostalgia. I can see all my wall posts, who I thought was important enough to make my top friends and pictures of myself circa 2010 when I was young and thin.

MySpace—We remember.

Yours truly,
Girl About Campus