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Girl About Campus: A time before Facebook!?

By Helen Dauka

April 4, 2013

Helen Dauka Being a Public Relations major, classroom discussions occasionally fall to social media. Although, I’m sure in this day and age most young professionals have conversations about social media. Someone will say that Facebook used to only be for colleges and universities. Then I think to ...

Girl About Campus: Go ahead, stalk me

March 6, 2013

Helen Dauka Much has been said about Facebook stalking. It’s a guilty pleasure for some, a ritual for others. A girl can say to another girl that they were creeping on her pictures and it can be a totally fine thing, almost like a bonding experience. Because there’s a good chance the other girl d...

Girl About Campus: If only all the diamonds really did shine bright

February 12, 2013

Helen Dauka With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, it’s only natural for the cynics and romantics living inside us all to start waging a vicious war. Does the commercial saturation of jewelry commercials eat at your soul, or are you waiting for your own little black box to be popped open in f...

Girl About Campus: An Ode to the First Week

January 24, 2013

Helen Dauka The first week of school is such a unique time in the span of my life. It means sitting in my class wondering if everyone else already knows each other; or if everyone knows way more than you. It’s making a good first impression, or maybe just the best deception. Showing up early or on t...