Girl About Campus: An Ode to the First Week

Helen Dauka

The first week of school is such a unique time in the span of my life.

It means sitting in my class wondering if everyone else already knows each other; or if everyone knows way more than you.

It’s making a good first impression, or maybe just the best deception.

Showing up early or on time.

Being attentive.

Pretending you don’t wear yoga pants every day of the week.

All things that seem like the right thing to do, but quickly lose their importance as the days pass.

That first week is when you find out whether your New Year’s Resolutions will stick.

Good luck to those who vowed get to the gym three times a week, or spend more time with friends and family, or start getting enough sleep.

You’ll find out soon enough if those resolutions will get bumped to next year’s list.

But on the plus side, it’s a time when you can park freely without prosecution by parking tickets.

And it’s syllabus week. Although, some teachers take it upon themselves to create a detailed novel disguised as a syllabus, meaning you might not get out that early.

The hallways and student union are high traffic areas, populated with people milling about between classes, unsure of what to do with the gaps that their new schedules have put into their lives.

The first weeks of school: they only come but twice a year, so enjoy them while they last.

See you in the halls,
Girl About Campus