The Buchtelite

Negligence assists theft across campus

February 20, 2012

By: Marcus Nicholson When leaving items unattended on campus, your smoke break can cost you your laptop. “It has never been this bad,” Shelly Davis of University of Akron Libraries said, referring to theft on campus this year.  Davis is a library specialist at UA’s Bierce Library. Davis has be...

Letter to the Editor: University of Akron Police Department disappoints

January 18, 2012

By: Justin Cree Senior University of Akron Student I wanted to voice my displeasure and disappointment with The University of Akron Police Department. Toward the end of last semester, I was playing basketball at the rec center and had some valuables (gold chain, watch and smart phone) stolen out o...

Thieves trolling around campus hoarding your belongings

September 19, 2011

By: Lindsay Mulhollen In the four weeks since the semester began, 53 thefts have been reported on campus. Items including a parking permit, five MP3 players, four GPS units, four laptops, four bikes (two of which were locked), seven wallets, eight cell phones and nine purses/bookbags have been stolen. ...