Letter to the Editor: University of Akron Police Department disappoints

By: Justin Cree
Senior University of Akron Student

I wanted to voice my displeasure and disappointment with The University of Akron Police Department.

Toward the end of last semester, I was playing basketball at the rec center and had some valuables (gold chain, watch and smart phone) stolen out of my bag. I found my bag opened and searched through in a bathroom stall. After alerting the rec staff and filing a police report, I was immediately told by the officer that my belongings would most likely not be found and to let this be a learning lesson.

I followed through on my claim and, due to my persistence, had an officer assigned to my case. After numerous unanswered phone calls and voicemail messages, my call was finally returned. The officer left a voicemail on my phone saying she was closing the case because she “knew” that clear video evidence was not available in the gymnasium from past reports.

What she failed to account for was the camera directly aimed at the entrance to the locker room. I returned the call several times with no response. The thing that disappoints me the most is the lack of concern and effort put into catching the thief.

I personally never talked to the officer or got to explain my situation. No measures were taken to locate my stolen belongings that were valued at over $1,000, and that’s excluding their sentimental value.

I understand the mistake I made and acknowledge these valuables should have been locked up with my computer, wallet and other possessions in the locker room, but what is the purpose of the police involvement then? How many other students have been audaciously robbed with no justice? Shame on you, UAPD. I wonder how your actions would have changed if $1,000 dollars was stolen from you?