Akron celebrates Peace

Written by: Katelyn Freil

The Akron Peace Week is making an appearance for the third time next week.

Peace Week, which will run from Sept. 29 to Oct. 8, will bring a variety of events to Akron, including yoga sessions, movie showings and a cooking class, all of which are free.

According to an official Akron Peace Week press release, the Akron Peace Project, which is hosting the event, was started to encourage peace and nonviolence in Akron. Its purpose is to bring together people and organizations that want to achieve the same goals of peace in the Akron area.

“Through achieving nonviolence and peace within oneself, that peace spirals out into the home and into the community and creates a greater harmony amongst inhabitants of this earth,” the press release said.

Highlights of Akron Peace Week include a showing of “How to Start a Revolution,” a cooking class titled “How to Make the Most of Your End-of-Garden-Season Goodies,” and a nature walk at the Big Bend area of Sand Run Metro Park.

For more information on Akron Peace Week or the Akron Peace Project, visit akronpeaceproject.org.