China Week promotes culture around campus

Written by: Marcus Nicholson

The University of Akron’s Confucius Institute gave UA students a chance to sample the cultural richness of China during China Week.

China Week is a way for students to learn about different aspects of China, including its politics, economics, history, philosophy, language, martial arts, cuisine and more, according to the university’s website.

Numerous events were held throughout the week, ranging from Chinese kite-flying to authentic Chinese food-eating. The majority of the events were held in the Student Union.

“As a Taiwanese student, I think it is really important for the culture to be portrayed properly,” said student Moses Wang. “I went to the dumpling party at the chapel, and there was a Chinese church that people did not know about until this event.”

Wang said that it was nice to see people engaging with Chinese culture throughout the week.

“I saw a lot of American college kids singing Japanese pop songs, which was great,” he said. “There was much diversity, and I think it helped build a bridge between cultures.”

China Week was supported this year by the Chinese Ministry of Education, which is, according to the UA website, dedicated to “enhancing the understanding of the Chinese language and culture” around the world.